Prevention of match fixing in Swiss football


In recent years, match-fixing, in particular for generating betting gains, has become a worldwide problem in football. In the fight against this major threat to our sport as a whole and to you as a player (player, trainer, referee, official, etc.), prevention plays a key role; This is in addition to law enforcement (punishment of convicted persons) and monitoring the international betting industry. Therefore, the Swiss Football Association and the Swiss Football League have launched this programme of education and prevention.

Through this e-learning programme with four videos you can learn all about the dangers match-fixing poses for your career, your reputation and even your life in less than half an hour. You will be shown how criminal organisations target you and how compulsive gambling can make you vulnerable to match-fixing. You will also learn how to avoid such problems and what you can and must do if someone attempts to bribe you and to involve you in match-fixing.

The programme is divided into the following three chapters:

Chapter 1

Dangers of match-fixing - for you personally and for football as a whole

Chapter 2

Backgrounds and risk factors - Who is trying to recruit you for match-fixing and how, and what makes you especially vulnerable

Chapter 3

Protection possibilities - How you can protect yourself against corruption and match-fixing